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Raising a Crazy Coupon Kid

couponsI’ve been couponing on a fairly regular basis for about four years now. I’m not an extreme couponer with a spare room of canned goods, but I regularly save 30 to 50% on my grocery bill and use coupons for cleaning products and personal care items. I also check out different couponing websites for discounts on gifts, restaurants, and movie tickets, since our entertainment budget is pretty limited.

Since my son is at the age where he’s starting to develop a real interest in money, he’s been expressing interest in the idea of budgeting and learning how coupons work. Last week, he had the chance to trying using a coupon on his own for the first time.

During out trip to Hobby Lobby, he found a toy he wanted that was listed at $14.99. He knew he had $10.00 of his own money to spend and was quite disappointed that it wasn’t enough. But, since I had printed off a few copies of Hobby Lobby’s 40% off coupons for the week, I let him have a coupon and sent him through the checkout line by himself.

The cashier did a great job treating him like an important customer throughout his transaction. He gave her the coupon, carefully counted out his money, and grinned from ear to ear when his total dropped below the $10.00 mark.

Even though my son has seen me use coupons at the grocery store hundreds of times, getting to use a coupon for an item he wanted and seeing firsthand how he could stretch his money to the max turned out to be a valuable lesson. He’s now proclaimed himself a a “Crazy Coupon Kid.”

I’m so proud.

Photo: jridgewayphotography via Flickr

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