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Life’s Too Short for an “Age-Appropriate” Wardrobe

wardrobeFashion has never been a particular interest of mine, but recently I stumbled across an article discussing the concept of an “age-appropriate” wardrobe. What a shock it was to discover that the rest of the world thinks I’m getting old, despite the fact I feel like I just finished school a few years ago.

As I read through the list of fashion don’ts, each line made me more and more depressed. I could handle being told I had to give up mini skirts and crop tops, since I never wore either of those things anyway. But, being told it’s time to swap my graphic tees for pinstripe blouses and tailored cardigans stings a bit.

If you were to peek in my closet, you’d see lots of Wonder Woman graphic tees. In fact, my wardrobe is about 70% Wonder Woman tees — encompassing everything from vintage Lynda Carter Wonder Woman to manga style Wonder Woman fan art.

Maybe I really am a fashion disaster in the making, but I’m not giving up my beloved Wonder Woman shirts without a fight. I’m just not ready to conform to society’s expectations for “age-appropriate” fashion.

Sure, being an adult does have a few perks. If you want to eat chocolate cake for breakfast, nobody tells you no. If you want to drink an entire bottle of wine with dinner, the only thing stopping you is the risk of a hangover the next day.

However, the day-to-day details of being a fully grown wife and mother are actually kind of terrible. There’s an endless supply of laundry to do, meals to cook, and messes to clean up. There’s never enough time for sleep, much less sex.

Refusing to let go of my Wonder Woman shirts, pigtails, and sparkly pink lip gloss is my rebellion. Yes, my to-do list might be filled with boring tasks like scrubbing toilets, balancing the checkbook, and attending PTO meetings. But, deep down I’m still the same nerdy girl I was when I met my husband. It’s just than now I know how to remove every kind of laundry stain imaginable and cook 79 different types of crock pot meals.

Plus, “adult” clothes tend to be expensive, boring, and uncomfortable. Why should I spend half my paycheck to look just like everyone else when I can spend pennies to be comfortable and unique? I’ve been wearing the Wonder Woman shirts long enough that they’ve become something of a personal trademark. Each one has a story behind it as well.

Nonconformity = freedom. I urge you to toss all those fashion magazines in the trash and delete every single “What Not To Wear” article on your Pinterest board. Choose clothes that make you happy and forget what everyone else thinks. Even if you’ve been told they’re inappropriate for a woman your age, size, or coloring. If wearing it makes you smile, it deserves a place in your closet. Life’s too short for anything else.

Photo: Emily May via Flickr

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