Dana Hinders

Life’s Too Short for an “Age-Appropriate” Wardrobe


Fashion has never been a particular interest of mine, but recently I stumbled across an article discussing the concept of an “age-appropriate” wardrobe. What a shock it was to discover that the rest of the world thinks I’m getting old, despite the fact I feel like I just finished school a few years ago. As […]

Fake It to Make It: Pinterest Edition

mason jar drinks

Pinterest is the domestic version of the Victoria’s Secret catalog. It sucks you into a world filled with pretty things and unrealistic expectations. Just as we can’t all be built like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, we’re not all meant to be super crafty domestic divas. Luckily, it’s much easier to fake being a Pinterest goddess […]

Put Down the Camera: Stop Documenting, Start Living

Like many women, I developed a serious photography obsession once I became a mother. My son was the most adorable baby I’d ever laid eyes on and I couldn’t wait to document his every move. But 4,793 pictures later, I realized it was time to put the camera down. Here’s why you should stop documenting […]

Are You Accidentally Exploiting Your Children on YouTube?


YouTube has made it easier than ever for ordinary people to enjoy their 15 minutes of fame, especially when they happen to capture a cute kid on film. But, is it right to expose your child to criticism from online trolls and the possibility of future embarrassment just so you can indulge your desire for […]

Raising a Crazy Coupon Kid


I’ve been couponing on a fairly regular basis for about four years now. I’m not an extreme couponer with a spare room of canned goods, but I regularly save 30 to 50% on my grocery bill and use coupons for cleaning products and personal care items. I also check out different couponing websites for discounts […]

It’s a Boy! Now What?

baby boy

“It’s a boy!” If you’ve been dreaming of pink baby booties for the past nine months, these words can result in a twinge of disappointment. You may be mourning the loss of Barbie dolls, training bras, prom dresses, or late-night girl talk sessions, but it’s important to remember that having a son does come with […]

Grammarly Helps You Be a Better Writer

I use Grammarly’s plagiarism checker because sleep deprived moms sometimes make silly mistakes. My reputation for producing clean copy with minimal errors is my greatest asset as a freelance writer. I can’t afford to let anything interfere with my ability to keep my clients satisfied. Grammarly helps me catch mistakes that creep into my work […]